Driver, Vehicle & Fleet Management Systems (AVLS, DVMS, FMS)

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”  Peter Drucker, Management Guru

AIS Fleet Management Systems

AIS offers proven, flexible & comprehensive Fleet & Asset Management Systems, including the OmniTraQ AVLS (Automated Vehicle Tracking System) / DVMS (Driver Vehicle Management System) & Fleet Management System (FMS), together with a comprehensive range of services to support our product range.

OmniTraQ Features

  • Any Time, Anywhere Access: Via secure user-name & password to our web-based system, where all data is hosted by highly secure servers (reducing IT dependency, simplifying support & lowering cost);
  • Fully Proven: Successfully installed in more than 350,000 vehicles in 70 countries worldwide;
  • Hardware Independent: Free yourself from single-vendor dependency. Be able to select the best & most cost-effective hardware for your particular requirement. More than 300 different devices supported.
  • Multi-Capable: Offers AVLS, IVMS, DVMS & FMS & other functionalities in one suite of products;


  • Real-time Tracking with messaging in seconds, not minutes
  • Multiple Map Types: HERE, Google Maps, OSM, ARCGIS & more. Incorporate your own maps
  • Multi-Map/Monitor: View & track selected vehicles or groups of vehicles in their own ‘window’
  • Zones (Geofences) & Points of Interest: Simple to create or upload all at once. Give descriptions, use icons
  • Driver Journal/Driver Hours;
  • Driver Behaviour Management & Performance Ranking
  • Dispatch, Driver Communications, Routing, Route Optimisation & Order Fulfilment
  • Trip & Journey Management & Tracks Replay/History
  • Event & Alert Management: PTO Monitoring; Temperature Monitoring; Engine; Accident Reconstruction, Truck & Trailer; Tyre Pressure Monitoring; etc.
  • Fuel Consumption: Monitor Fuel Fills, Consumption, Avoid Theft, Expected Vs Actual Fuel Consumption; Standard & Graphical Rreporting
  • Smart Phone Mobile Tracking
  • Maintenance & Service Reminders
  • Automated Reporting: Schedule alerts & reports to your inbox
  • A host of additional advanced features
  • Multi-Lingual: Available in more than 20 languages, including Arabic
  • Health & Safety Compliance: We offer world class HSE features as standard (multiple Speed Limits, Seat-belts, Harsh Breaking / Harsh Acceleration, Idling, Driver Ranking & Score-Carding, in-cab Buzzers, Driver Management/Coaching devices, Accident Reconstruction; etc.);
  • Import/Export & 3rd Party Integration: All supported utilizing multiple data formats, APIs & tools. Integrate OmniTraQ to your ERP or other mission-critical applications
  • Preferred Service Provider Partner: We work with all Service Providers local & international.

Fleet Management

Simple fleet management is available within OmniTraQ. Otherwise, a fully-fledged FMS is offered which includes detailed Vehicle Management, Driver Management, Fuel Management; Insurance & Accident Management; Tyres & Service Maintenance; License & Regulatory Compliance, full reporting; etc.

Fully Customisable

  • User-Specific Views: Tailor screen presentation & filter access to features by user, deptartment or division
  • Multiple Map Type: Google, HERE, OSM, ARCGIS & others or incorporate your own maps
  • Custom Fields: Simple-to-create data fields to add specific functionality
  • Rules Engine/Event Management: Add your business policies quickly & easily & create reports & alerts based on these business rules
  • Zones/PoIs: End-users can create & name specific geographical locations or areas for ease of fleet operational management, routes and reporting
  • Icon Library: Hundreds of vehicle, asset or location types included
  • Customized Reporting: In addition to the many standard reports, OmniTraQ’s in-built report customisation capability means almost any report can be delivered quickly & at little or zero cost, without programming
  • Management Dashboards: Set & monitor your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) & have them visually displayed for improved business performance.

All the above & more help to ensure OmniTraQ can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Functionally Superior & Price Competitive

We typically offer more features at any price point compared with stand-alone or competitive systems


AIS provides a full-service solution to be able to fully support your local & regional operations. This includes automatic software updates; normal working hours or 24/7/365 support option; 4 hour guaranteed response times, Service Level Agreement (SLA) & development teams for ongoing product enhancement.

Hosted Solution

We offer a managed hosting service (local to your country or Amazon Web Services-based) for a monthly fee per vehicle, i.e. AIS can provide everything you require to utilize the system, with the whole system managed and supported on a continuous and ongoing basis.

This approach ensures the benefits of the service are immediately available and reduces your capital, training, in-house expertise and support costs to a manageable, fixed monthly amount.

Why OmniTraQ?

  • OmniTraQ is the ultimate tracking system solution available in the MENA region.
  • Offering an affordable, cash-flow friendly system, OmniTraQ goes well beyond simple tracking to provide a scalable, full-featured Driver & Vehicle Management System (DVMS).
  • Uniquely flexible and customisable, the application has the ability to be extended easily and cost-effectively into other business areas at any time in the future.
  • OmniTraq offers a speedy service launch, a comprehensive implementation and support framework, together with highly competitive pricing.

Cost Justification

OmniTraQ promotes improved customer service, greater operational efficiencies & savings in fuel, maintenance, labour and administrative costs. This provides you with the ability to recover system costs within 6 months or less of system implementation.

Please request our brochure: “Are You In The Driving Seat” which details all these areas of efficiency improvement & cost savings. We also offer a DVMS Cost Justification service where we work with you to determine the break-even point of any DVMS investment, the bottom-line monthly savings thereafter, as well as your overall Return-On-Investment (ROI) for the project.

RFID Tracking

If GPS-based real-time tracking is not required, why not review our RFID-based vehicle asset tracking & monitoring solution OmniRFID. Pls click on the link for RFID at the top of the page.

Contact Us

If you are considering a vehicle & driver management solution, or wish to replace an existing tracking system that is under-performing and over-expensive, why not contact us now for an obligation free discussion on how we can assist you achieve your operational & business objectives.